Corporate Social Responsibility. Amplified.

A well-designed corporate giving program offers your company more than a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Beyond the positivity and goodness that builds your brand is the intangible value of meaningful employee engagement. As a BackStory corporate sponsor, you give employees an emotional connection to a worthy cause and a tangible way to make a difference, together.

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step 1

Connect Your Brand

With BackStory, you don’t just support a worthy cause – you become one with it. The BackStory experience connects your brand to your community in a meaningful way. They do this by intertwining your brand with the story every step of the way.

step 2

Engage Your Team

Employees are invited to join your Hero Team and become Story Heroes! Story Heroes get their own fundraising pages with their own personal Impact Goals. Your team's sense of purpose is activated by the newfound ability to inspire and empower their individual communities to support the story.

step 3

Amplify Your Impact

Never underestimate your circle of influence. When your team embraces a cause and extends it to their friends, family, and followers, you tap into a caring community of positive people who help amplify your positive impact, together.


Sponsors Make it Possible

This is your time to shine. Intertwine your brand with a positive story about a cause that matters, empower your team to do good together, and amplify your community impact all in one place.


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Teams Make It a Reality

You don’t have to be an official sponsor to get involved. Form a BackStory Hero Team for your organization, and invite your tribe to be part of creating a happier ending to a worthy story.